The Unspoken Key To Consistency

Smart Classroom Management: The Unspoken Key To Consistency

“Knowing what must be done does away with fear.” -Rosa Parks Consistency is everything to your success. Because, if you’re wishy-washy, if you let things go and fail to follow through on your promises— Then your students won’t trust you. They won’t listen to you. They won’t respect you. They’ll talk while you talk and … Read more

6 Signs Your Students Like You

Smart Classroom Management: 6 Signs Your Students Like You

Likability is a common trait among the happiest, most effective teachers. The reason is simple: When your students like you, everything is easier—especially classroom management. We’ve covered why this is so, as well as how to become more likable, in previous articles. Today, however, we’re going to talk about how you know if it’s really … Read more

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