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Smart Classroom Management: Why Good Rapport With Students Is A Choice You Make Every Day

Why Good Rapport With Students Is A Choice You Make Every Day

The importance of having good rapport with students can’t be overstated. Because rapport gives you leverage. It gives you leadership presence and the influence to change behavior. It causes students to want to listen, learn, and behave for you—even when they’re hellions with other teachers. Rapport is also the ingredient that makes teaching one of […]

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Why You Don't Have To Be Cool To Build Rapport

Why You Don’t Have To Be Cool To Build Rapport

There is a common misconception that you must be “cool” in order to build rapport. The idea being that unless you’re able to interact with students on their level, unless you can speak their pop/youth culture language and tap into their wider influences, your influence will be limited. They’ll dismiss you and disregard what you […]

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Building Relationships With Students

What Building Relationships With Students Really Means

It’s common for teachers to misunderstand the term “building relationships.” They hear of the importance of creating connections with students—particularly difficult students—and assume it means they need to spend more time with them individually. They assume it means they need to try and get to know them on a more personal level. But for a […]

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Why You Should Eat Lunch With Your Students

No, not every day, and not even every week. You need your lunch break to get away from teaching, if only for a few minutes. You need the time to take a breather, prep your classroom, or think ahead to the afternoon. You need time to discuss your favorite TV show with a colleague or […]

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How To Build Effortless Rapport

Because it’s one of the most effective and most powerful ways to influence behavior, having a natural, trusting rapport with your students is crucial. Rapport provides the good vibrations between you and your class that makes your classroom management plan matter. It gives your plan its teeth, infusing it with meaning and muscle and dissuading […]

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Smart Classroom Management: How To Have Classroom Management Presence

How To Have Classroom Management Presence

There exists a cadre of teachers who are able to command effortless respect and polite behavior from their students. There is something about them, something unique in the way they carry themselves that causes students to behave differently around them. It’s as if they possess an innate energy or vibe that calms, matures, and sweeps […]

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