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How To Begin 2015 Classroom Management

How To Begin 2015 On The Right Classroom Management Foot

Time away from you, from their friends, and from the daily routine has a way of wiping the slate clean. It has a way of distancing and repositioning. It has a way of changing perspectives, healing wounds, and renewing spirits. Students return from extended breaks more open, more relaxed, and more appreciative of school. They […]

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Making Difficult Students Worse

Are You Making Your Most Difficult Students Worse?

Most teachers are hyperaware of their most difficult students—and well they should be. It’s smart to know where they are and what they’re doing. But this awareness can cause you to behave oddly around them. It can cause you to glare and glower in their direction. It can cause you to hover near the edges […]

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How to Set The Tone On The First Day Of School

How To Set The Tone On The First Day Of School

Of the many goals you have on the first day of school, none compares in importance to setting the proper tone for your students. It is the initial impression of your classroom, after all, that establishes its culture. It’s the feeling, the pace, the attitude, the mood, and the spirit of the experience that expresses […]

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How To Manage Large Class Sizes

With a class of sixteen to twenty students you can afford to cut corners. You can make big mistakes and not lose control of your classroom. You can have a misguided understanding of classroom management and still have energy left after school to head to the gym. It isn’t an effective approach, mind you, and […]

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What Difficult Students Desperately Need, But Rarely Get

No, it’s not attention. For the most part difficult students are given far too much attention. Learning how to spend less time on difficult students will do both you and them an ocean of good. In fact, it’s among the critical first steps to restoring their dignity and common pride in being a regular, contributing […]

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Why You Should Never, Ever Confuse Accountability And Motivation

One reason many teachers struggle with classroom management is because they confuse motivation and accountability. Although related, they are two separate areas of classroom management. To be effective, they must remain separate. Teachers run into trouble when their attempts to motivate students to behave interfere with or replace the accountability process. It’s a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants method […]

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How To Save Yourself A Mountain Of Stress And Misbehavior

Small, seemingly insignificant behaviors in September will in almost every circumstance multiply into major disruptions down the road. A single incident of hushed side-talking during a lesson, for example, may be hardly noticeable the first couple weeks of the school year, but by November just getting through a lesson will prove to be a challenge. […]

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