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Smart Classroom Management: How To Be Both Calm And Enthusiastic Next School Year

How To Be Both Calm And Enthusiastic Next School Year

A calm disposition can sweep excitability right out of your classroom. It can improve listening and attentiveness. It can curb misbehavior and accelerate maturity. It can also make you a more effective teacher. But inevitably, whenever I write about its importance, the question of enthusiasm comes up. “How can I remain calm while at the […]

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Smart Classroom Management: How To Love Being A Teacher

How To Love Being A Teacher

Teaching is getting harder every year. There is no doubt about it. I’ve heard from thousands of teachers since I began this blog seven years ago. I also speak to teachers from around the world as part of my coaching practice. And I still teach in a public school to this day. More is being […]

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Smart Classroom Management: Why You Must Never Confuse Fun And Hard work

Why You Must Never Confuse Fun And Hard Work

Here at SCM we believe in bringing a spirit of fun to your classroom every day of the week. We believe in smiles and laughter, silly dances and funny accents. We believe in amusing stories, engaging activities, and enjoying students with no strings attached. Fun provides an effortless way to build rapport and capture interest. […]

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5 Ways To Be A Calmer, More Effective Teacher

Your temperament has a strong impact on student behavior. If you have a tendency to become tense, stressed, or uptight around your students, then they’re far more likely to misbehave. Because a tightly wound teacher translates to a tension-filled classroom—the kind of tension visitors can feel tingling in their sensory receptors the moment they enter […]

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How To Improve Classroom Management By Talking Less

Many teachers make the mistake of trying to talk their students through each moment of the school day. The idea being that if a teacher provides continual guidance–through reminding, cajoling, and micromanaging–then he or she will be more effective. It makes sense. But it doesn’t work. Too much talking has the opposite effect. It makes […]

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Do Your Students Know You’re In Charge?

In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock. ~Thomas Jefferson Have you ever taught a lesson in another teacher’s classroom? In other words, have you ever taught students whose classroom behaviors, attitudes, and habits have been shaped by someone other than yourself? It’s an odd and enlightening […]

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