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Smart Classroom Management: 3 Promises For The First Day Of School

3 Promises For The First Day Of School

Of the many items on your first-day-of-school checklist, three promises should go at the very top. Because, together, they have the power to set a tone of kindness and good behavior that lasts for the entire school year. They also make you instantly likeable and establish you as a leader worth following. They ensure your […]

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How To Have A Fun Classroom Without Extra Planning

If you’re a regular reader of this website, then you know that effective classroom management doesn’t have to be complicated. You don’t need elaborate charts. You don’t need an incentive system. And you don’t need to beg, bribe, or threaten students to behave. But what you do need is a classroom your students look forward […]

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5 Simple Ways To Be More Likeable To Your Students

The idea is simple. If your students like you, they’ll want to please you and seek your approval. Which gives you leverage—leverage to influence behavior like almost nothing else. And the best news is… it’s automatic. Your students will automatically behave better simply because they like you. The prevailing wisdom says that teachers need to […]

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