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Smart Classroom Management: A Radical Way To Transform Difficult Students

A Radical Way To Transform Difficult Students

So you have this student who disrupts your class every day. They’re a constant annoyance. You spend more time dealing with them than any ten students put together. You think about them in your off hours. You talk about them with your spouse. They get under your skin like nothing else. You hold them accountable […]

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Smart Classroom Management: How To Be The Teacher Your Students Need

How To Be The Teacher Your Students Need

Recently, a teacher asked me to observe her in action. It didn’t go well. Her classroom was chaotic. Her students played and goofed off. They yelled and roughhoused. They wrestled, guffawed, and used language that would make a sailor blush. They dismissed her and her instruction and did, for the most part, whatever they wanted. […]

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Do Your Students Know You’re In Charge?

In matters of style, swim with the current; in matters of principle, stand like a rock. ~Thomas Jefferson Have you ever taught a lesson in another teacher’s classroom? In other words, have you ever taught students whose classroom behaviors, attitudes, and habits have been shaped by someone other than yourself? It’s an odd and enlightening […]

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How To Command Respect From Students

Have you ever noticed that some teachers don’t have to work as hard at classroom management? Certain teachers can walk into a classroom, and almost magically, the students become calmer, more mature, and more receptive in their presence. These teachers may use the same classroom management plan as everybody else, but somehow, year after year, […]

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