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Smart Classroom Management: Three Little Words That Show Students You Care

Three Little Words That Show Students You Care

Your smile and consistency. Your pleasantness and good humor. Your kindness, honesty, and simplicity of message. Day in and day out, they let your students know how much you care. It’s something they can see and feel as plain as day. Which in turn builds trust and rapport, drawing them inexorably into your circle of […]

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Smart Classroom Management: How To Change A Student's Life

How To Change A Student’s Life

One of the benefits of the SCM approach is that you’ll really get to know your students. You’ll have the freedom to observe them without distractions and interruptions. You’ll have the time to listen to them and learn of their hopes and dreams. You’ll have the trust and likability that breaks down walls and frees […]

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Smart Classroom Management: How To Handle Students Who Question Your Methods

How To Handle Students Who Question Your Methods

“Why do we have to raise our hand?” “Why can’t we talk while we’re working?” “Why do we have to walk in line?” The questions may be different, but they’re all meant to challenge your methods. They’re meant to challenge your decisions, your motives, and in some cases, even your authority. They’re often asked with […]

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Student Accountability

Are You Afraid To Hold Students Accountable?

Here at Smart Classroom Management we talk a lot about the importance of building rapport. It’s your relationship with students, after all, that in large part determines your effectiveness in curbing misbehavior. It’s your likability, good humor, and pleasant demeanor that causes them to want to please you and behave for you. Building rapport is […]

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Why You Need A Good Relationship With Difficult Students

Most teachers have a less-than positive relationship with difficult students—although it isn’t always evident to those around them. Indeed, the teacher may not yell, scold, or berate them in front of their classmates, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t resentment churning under the surface. It doesn’t mean the teacher doesn’t secretly hope they’d move out […]

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classroom management tips

5 Classroom Management Tips For Every Teacher

This week we’re going to visit five classroom management tips all teachers can benefit from, new and veteran alike. But what makes these tips different than the usual fare is that they’re so often overlooked, ignored, or just plain forgotten. Sneak a peak into a hundred classrooms and you’ll find few if any teachers actually […]

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