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Smart Classroom Management: How To Teach At A Rewards-Focused School

How To Teach At A Rewards-Focused School

If you’re a regular reader of SCM, then you know how I feel about rewarding students in exchange for good (i.e. expected) behavior. A do-this-and-get-that approach to classroom management is damaging to kids. It snuffs out intrinsic motivation and turns the student-teacher relationship into a cold-hearted transaction. It also makes managing your classroom far more […]

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Why You Shouldn’t Reward Students For Good Behavior

For regular education classroom teachers, giving rewards in exchange for good behavior is a mistake. It’s true that “do this and get that” type rewards can improve behavior in the short term. As in, “Sit up straight and give me your attention, and I will give you each a sticker.” Or, “John, if you can […]

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