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Smart Classroom Management: The 3 Most Common Modeling Mistakes Teachers Make

The 3 Most Common Modeling Mistakes Teachers Make

Whether you’re teaching your students how to enter the classroom in the morning, turn in work, circle into groups, or even how to sit and attend during lessons, modeling is the most effective and efficient way to do it. Yet, it’s an area many teachers struggle with. The truth is, your ability to model what […]

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Why You Should Take Your Time The First Few Weeks Of School

No matter what you hear from your colleagues, no matter how far they say they’ve gotten into the curriculum, or how they’re already working in groups or rotating students through centers, avoid the temptation to join them. Avoid rushing to catch up. Avoid pushing your students along too fast. Avoid comparing yourself or judging yourself […]

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How To Give A Reminder That Improves Behavior

Last week we showed how giving reminders after misbehavior is a mistake. Holding your students accountable is a much better option, resulting in improved listening, better behavior, and greater urgency in following your directions. But here’s the thing. If you aren’t clear about what you want from your students, if they’re even slightly unsure of […]

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How To Stop Misbehavior Before It Starts

Can you tell when you’re going to have a bad day? Can you sense an unhealthy energy rising up in your students or a disquieting buzz you just can’t place? Do you know it the minute your students walk into your classroom? Maybe it’s in the chatter and clang of the morning routine or the […]

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How To End Each Day On The Right Classroom Management Foot

It’s easy to get careless with classroom management during the last ten or fifteen minutes of the school day. This is why it’s so common to see misbehavior at dismissal—swinging backpacks, chasing, shouting, pushing, roughhousing…students wound up and tuned out, oblivious to your warnings and exhortations. The problem with this, beyond the immediate chaos and […]

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How To Inspire Classroom Management Excellence

Imagine if your students were able to perform every classroom routine and every transition perfectly without you having to say a word. Imagine only having to smile and say hello for the first ten minutes of every school day because they know exactly what their responsibilities are and don’t need your help executing them. Imagine […]

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