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Smart Classroom Management: 5 Simple Ways To Eliminate Stress From Your Teaching Life

5 Simple Ways To Eliminate Stress From Your Teaching Life

Stress is a killer. And not just physically. It can also ruin your teaching career. It can destroy your peace and happiness. It can affect your relationship with students. It can severely limit your ability to manage your classroom. The good news is that there is a lot you can do about teaching-related pressure, strain, […]

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Smart Classroom Management: How To Reignite Your Love Of Teaching

How To Reignite Your Love Of Teaching

It’s official. A culture of pressure and stress has infected the teaching profession. It’s palpable in school after school and district after district. From Boston to Lisbon. Flat River to Bath. Spokane to Montreal. It’s fueled by a do-more and give-more mentality that has made the job increasingly more difficult. And a lot less fun. […]

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How To Be A Classroom Management Rock Star

Rock stars don’t reach the top of the music world without one key ingredient: Purposeful thinking. Sure, they need otherworldly musical skill, vocal technique, and years perfecting their craft. But their mind is what drives them there. That same mindset, percolating deep behind the shaded eyes of your favorite performer, can help you become a […]

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Classroom Management Is Easy

Classroom management is easy. Let me rephrase that. Classroom management should feel easy. If it feels difficult to you, if it feels like you’re straining and working to get students to behave and pay attention, then you’re doing something wrong. Effective classroom management is knowledge based. Unlike most successes in life, it doesn’t reward those […]

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How To Be A Classroom Management Superhero

If you’re a regular reader of this website, then you know creating leverage is critical to classroom management success. One of the most powerful ways of creating leverage is to become admired—a hero to your students. I know. It’s not your job to be admired, or even liked. But the fact remains: the more students […]

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How To Simplify Classroom Management

Clip charts, prize boxes, incentive systems, seating arrangements, stickers, pep-talks, noise makers, red cards, table points, trinkets, tokens, awards, erasers, free time, computer time, first in line, contracts, privileges, and… enough!!! It can make you want to scream. For many, classroom management has become too complicated. It doesn’t need to be. All you need are […]

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How To Get Students To Stay Seated And Quiet In Time-Out

A reader posted a question this week asking what to do if a student, in this case a kindergartner, crawled on the floor and under tables after being sent to time-out. Playing, straying, and not sitting quietly in time-out can happen regardless of grade level. And this problem can be especially frustrating. It pulls the […]

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The Classroom Management Mindset

Teachers who struggle with classroom management do too much hoping. They hope they have a well-behaved class this year. They hope their students won’t be too talkative or disrespectful. They hope they don’t have to deal with yet another disruption. They try to set limits in their classrooms, to be sure, but setting limits doesn’t […]

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